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Municipal bond sales are expected to decline over the next month, while the amount of redemptions...


Municipal Bonds Weekly Market Report: November 24

• Last week US treasury yields were in a tight range without much movement, and continued to have...


Are Target Date Muni Bond Funds Right for You?

Municipal bonds provide investors with tax-advantaged income that may be superior to other fixed...


Municipal Bonds Weekly Market Report: November 17

• U.S. Treasury yields rose early last week but declined sharply on Friday, Nov. 13.
• Municipal...


What Happens to Muni Bonds if the Fed Hikes Rates?

There’s no question the bond prices are susceptible to an interest rate hike, but there is some...


Municipal Bonds Weekly Market Report: November 10

• The U.S. Treasury yields rose with a high probability of market pricing rate hike in December.

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