Security Description Times Traded Maturity Date Average Yield Average Price Dollar Volume
Wisconsin St Health & Edl Facs Marshfield Clinic Health Sys 161 2046-Feb N/R 96.794 $11,985,000
Pennsylvania St Second Ser 103 2035-Sep 2.997 99.869 $13,595,000+
Pennsylvania St Tpk Commn Tpk Ref-sub-ser A 82 2041-Dec 3.416 99.288 $10,385,000+
Private Colleges & Univs Auth Emory Univ-ser B 80 2043-Oct 3.032 99.276 $4,325,000
Ohio St Major New St Ser 2008-1 78 2019-Jun 0.850 108.251 $2,250,000+
Bridgeton Mo Indl Dev Auth Sr Ref-sarah Cmnty 71 2033-May N/R 101.433 $5,985,000+
Carrollton Ohio Exmp Vlg Sch Sch Facs Impt Proj 70 2044-Dec 3.143 97.341 $2,250,000
Michigan Fin Auth Rev Ref-hosp-holland Cmnty Hosp 69 2044-Jan 3.400 99.513 $3,680,000
New York N Y City Mun Wtr Fin Second Resolution-ser Aa 62 2046-Jun 3.032 99.342 $4,380,000
Atlantic Cnty N J Impt Auth Stockton Univ-atlantic City 59 2041-Jul N/R 98.743 $7,090,000+

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