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This section of MunicipalBonds.com features educational articles geared toward teaching investors on the basics of municipal bonds and municipal bond investing.

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Municipal Bonds 101

Why Low Yielding Muni Bonds May Actually Be Attractive

Treasury yields (30 year) fell to just 2.22% on July 12 (and even lower a day before), reaching...

Municipal Bonds 101

How to Avoid Overpaying for Individual Muni Bonds

The municipal bond market is a popular safe haven during low interest rate periods, as their...

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Municipal Bonds 101

How to Avoid the AMT with Muni Bond Funds

Municipal bonds have long been a favorite investment class for tax-sensitive investors since the...

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Municipal Bonds 101

3 Important Bond Insurance Considerations

Municipal bonds have a number of complex features that may make them difficult for individual...

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Municipal Bonds 101

What Are Pre-Refunded Municipal Bonds?

Municipal Bonds are generally seen as safe investments since they are often backed by a series of...

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Municipal Bonds 101

How do Municipal Bonds Work?

Investing strategies can fall under a number of different philosophies; depending on the goals...

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Municipal Bonds 101

Accrued Interest: Definition, Formula, and Example

Bonds are the cornerstone of traditional debt financing for both the public and private sector...

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Municipal Bonds 101

The Municipal/Treasury Ratio: How Investors Should Use It

Muni investing is popular because it has the potential to offer higher yields than similar...

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Municipal Bonds 101

What Are Build America Bonds?

In 2009, the United States was suffering a major recession that had bond market investors running...

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Municipal Bonds 101

Municipal Bond Investing Glossary

Municipal bonds are a great way for investors to preserve capital and generate tax-free income....

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Municipal Bonds 101

General Obligation vs. Revenue Bonds: A MunicipalBonds.com Guide

There are over 80,000 issuers of municipal bonds in the United States. With so many different...

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Municipal Bonds 101

Municipal Bond Insurance: A Guide

Investors buy bonds to ensure a steady stream of interest payment income over the period of...

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While playing sports, athletes often block out extraneous thoughts by repeating key words to...

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